Dental Prostheses (Implants and Dentures)

Dental Prostheses (Implants and Dentures)

Dental implants consist of a titanium piece shaped like a cylinder that is introduced in the interior of the jaw bone through a small surgical intervention, similar to the one required for a tooth extraction. implantes dentales consisten en una pieza de titanio en forma de cilindro, que se introduce en el interior del hueso maxilar o mandibular mediante una pequeña intervención quirúrgica, semejante a la requerida para la extracción de un diente.
In some cases a tooth or bridge could be placed on the same day as the dental implant. Subsequently, between 4 and 6 months later after the implant is placed, follows the making of the dental crown that will lay over said implant. implante dental.
By that time, it will already be intimately integrated with the bone. (Osseo-integrated). implante, se procede a la confección de la corona que irá apoyada sobre dicho implante.
Para entonces éste ya estará íntimamente integrado con el hueso (óseo-integrado).

The advantages of the treatment with dental implants are: implantes dentales son:

  1. Greater comfort
  2. Ability to chew all types of food
  3. Preservation of bone height and thickness
  4. Fits perfectly with the denture aesthetics
  5. Ideal aesthetic conditions

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