Dental Prostheses (Implants and Dentures)

Dental Prostheses (Implants and Dentures)

Dental implants consist of a titanium piece shaped like a cylinder that is introduced in the interior of the jaw bone through a small surgical intervention, similar to the one required for a tooth extraction.
In some cases a tooth or bridge could be placed on the same day as the dental implant. Subsequently, between 4 and 6 months later after the implant is placed, follows the making of the dental crown that will lay over said implant. .
By that time, it will already be intimately integrated with the bone. (Osseo-integrated).

The advantages of the treatment with dental implants are:

  1. Greater comfort
  2. Ability to chew all types of food
  3. Preservation of bone height and thickness
  4. Fits perfectly with the denture aesthetics
  5. Ideal aesthetic conditions

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